Working Forests: A Critical Investment

June 4th, 2016

The loss of America’s working forests – which provide jobs, pulp and fiber for paper and packaging and benefits for climate, water and wildlife – is one of the most urgent and overlooked environmental challenges of our time.

To make a difference, we must use more forest products responsibly, and embrace new impact investment models. Companies like Apple and UPS are demonstrating how creating a more sustainable supply chain that aligns with corporate values includes investing in these forests to protect them.

This session will cover how protecting working forests is a unique investment opportunity for individuals and brands, helping to conserve our finite natural resources and climate for decades to come.

Increasing the impact of social change dollars: lessons from the marriage of science and politics

June 4th, 2016

From Uber to Solar City, companies have adopted the data science and organizing principles used by one of the biggest, most successful start-ups of our time: the Obama campaign. Increasingly, randomized controlled experiments are used to increase ROI, fuel innovation and accelerate change in a variety of contexts, while organizing principles are used to bring that innovation to scale and strengthen organizations. Examples include a group that figured out how to achieve 20 years of opinion change with one 20 minute conversation! You’ll learn to adapt these principles to increase the impact of your own project or investment.

Foundations Leading the Way in Building the Impact Investing Field

June 4th, 2016

The growth of the impact investment field relies on foundations being willing to fund innovations and dedicate capital to new approaches. This panel will talk through ways in which leading foundations have linked their organizational missions with their investment decisions; how they implement their programs, identify partners, select investments and monitor outcomes. We will discuss challenges faced, victories won, and their visions for the future.

Confessions re: Mental Health – Self Care for Change Makers

June 4th, 2016

Among startups, there has been increasing openness, awareness, and discussion around mental health in the last several years. For entrepreneurs and investors at mission-driven companies in the social change or non-profit space, prioritizing and maintaining one’s mental health can also be challenging, with the added potential for vicarious trauma, depending on the field and type of work.

Through an interactive workshop, a diverse panel of speakers can share their personal stories around mental health and strategies for maximizing individual and organizational impact through self-care. Together as a group, and depending on the audience, we can brainstorm and share best practices based on personal experiences, for a vulnerable, insightful, practical session.

#philanthropy: Technology, Transparency, and $59 Trillion

June 4th, 2016

Software has changed the way the next generation lives, eats, and now gives. By 2020, we estimate individuals will give $150 billion online, and that number will only grow as $59 trillion transfers to younger donors. Nonprofit leaders can learn how technology is changing the way donors engage with giving, and how can nonprofits use the latest tools and tactics to quadruple their budgets (with case studies)!