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Marketing for good or good for marketing?: How to evaluate the “business of doing good”

Claire Rogers, Rachel Smith, Eniware, LLC

There are several models used by for-profit businesses that have varying levels of focus on “doing good” and varying ways that the focus is incorporated in marketing strategies. Some of these models include techniques such as conscious consumerism, which includes buy-one, get-one (BOGO), and responds to the consumer demand for products that help people or the environment. Other models focus on reducing a company’s ecological footprint and simultaneously increasing the size of its market using a sustainability plan. The questions that arise are how should “doing good” be incorporated into marketing, if at all, and how does this contribute to the success of the company? When evaluating the success of these companies, what is the ideal balance between profit and impact? Is it possible that social responsibility could be bad for the bottom line?
BCorp, BOGO, bottom line, conscious consumerism, CSR, doing good, environment, evaluation, for-profit, GIIRS, Impact, Marketing, people, shared value, Sustainability
Not Applicable
Claire Rogers, Rachel Smith, Eniware, LLC
A panel of academics and consultants on social impact as well as entrepreneurs and business executives who engage in various combinations of the described models will be discussing impact evaluation, marketing and more.
Unilever and sustainability: Better World Beans: LSTN headphones (through non-profit Starkey Hearing foundation): Windhorse International: Sweetgreen: Patagonia/Warby Parker/Etsy: FSG/Shared value:

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