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Jena Thompson Meredith, The Conservation Fund

The loss of America’s working forests – which provide jobs, pulp and fiber for paper and packaging and benefits for climate, water and wildlife – is one of the most urgent and overlooked environmental challenges of our time. To make a difference, we must use more forest …

Climate, corporate social responsibility, environment, Impact Investing, paper and packaging, Sustainable Supply Chains, working forests
Brandyn Keating, Stronger U.S.

From Uber to Solar City, companies have adopted the data science and organizing principles used by one of the biggest, most successful start-ups of our time: the Obama campaign. Increasingly, randomized controlled experiments are used to increase ROI, fuel innovation and accelerate change in a variety of …

activism, data, innovation, leadership, research, scaling
Meredith Benton, Sonen Capital

The growth of the impact investment field relies on foundations being willing to fund innovations and dedicate capital to new approaches. This panel will talk through ways in which leading foundations have linked their organizational missions with their investment decisions; how they implement their programs, identify partners, …

climate change, Foundations, Impact Investing, innovation, leadership, philanthropy
Elizabeth L, OnlineSOS

Among startups, there has been increasing openness, awareness, and discussion around mental health in the last several years. For entrepreneurs and investors at mission-driven companies in the social change or non-profit space, prioritizing and maintaining one’s mental health can also be challenging, with the added potential for …

leadership, meaning, mental health, Millenials, social entrepreneurship
Angela Rastegar Campbell , Agora for Good

Software has changed the way the next generation lives, eats, and now gives. By 2020, we estimate individuals will give $150 billion online, and that number will only grow as $59 trillion transfers to younger donors. Nonprofit leaders can learn how technology is changing the way donors …

Millennials, nonprofit fundraising, philanthropy, tech for good
Adam Spence, MaRS Discovery District

Impact investing platforms have been imagined, developed and operated for a number of years in the impact investing marketplace. Are we at a tipping point for these types of platforms with new, more mature technology and new securities regulations allowing access for Main Street and Wall Street? …

crowdfunding, Impact Investing, social entrepreneurship
Amy Cortese & Arno Hesse, Locavesting and Slow Money

How did a $25,000 crowdfunding campaign “unlock” a much needed $250,000 business loan? No matter how well-intended institutional small business lenders are, they still have the fiduciary responsibility to assess and minimize the risks. Will the market accept the risk? Are they good citizens in their community? …

lending, Neighborhood Economics, Small Business, Social Justice, wisdom of the crowds
Amy Cortese & Arno Hesse, Locavesting and Credibles

Communities are now doing more than just “voting with their wallet”. In the past, most loans and investments were desk decisions by professional underwriters (profit-oriented or well-meaning) while the rest of us were invited to “shop with our values” or donate in campaigns. That divide is coming …

investment democratization, local economies, Neighborhood Economics, Social Justice
Alex Lofton, Landed

In the hunt for returns, equity in owner-occupied homes is an attractive frontier for institutional capital. In the hunt to own a home, financing that doesn’t require more debt is attractive for homebuyers, especially in expensive housing markets. For the majority of people without rich parents able …

social innovation entrepreneurship scaling investment impact investing finance community
Suhad Babaa, Just Vision

The use of visual storytelling is nearly ubiquitous across industries invested in advancing social change. Still, understanding how to construct a narrative and outreach strategy that effectively changes the way people think and act is more elusive. This keynote will focus on the intersection of media and …

Collaboration, design, design-thinking, diversity, education, Impact, impact measurement, inclusion, innovation, inspiration, leadership, meaning, research, social entrepreneurship, Social innovation, technology, women
Ilaria Ferretti, IF

“n the relationship between humans and animals – the ones we raise and eat – using photography as language through which induce people to stop and reflect before eating. This session shows photographs from the Bestiario by the artist Ilaria Ferretti accompanied by the art-book “Bestiario – …

animals, art, eating, Europe, exhibit, farmyard animals, feed, food, Food and Agricolture, food chain, indigenous environment, Latin America, photography, raise and eat, reflections, think over, women in the art
Amanda Brock, SparkSF

Millennials are unlike any other generation to date. They are eager to connect, make impact and create meaning. They are also the future of philanthropy and the workforce. They ask “why?” and want truthful answers. They give lots of time and the aggregate impact of their donations …

Impact, leadership development, meaning, Millennials, Next Gen Giving, philanthropy
Jolene Goldsmith, stok

Employers are struggling to attract, engage, and retain a productive workforce. This is partly due to traditional hierarchical organizational models that stifle creativity & innovation and fail to tap into the intrinsic motivators of today’s workforce. stok began to see attrition, disengagement, and distrust in their team …

Collaboration, employee engagement, inclusion, innovation, Millennials, organizational design, Social innovation
Jenna Nicholas, Phoenix Global Impact

“In a real sense all life is inter-related. All men are caught in an inescapable network of mutuality, tied in a single garment of destiny. Whatever affects one directly, affects all indirectly. I can never be what I ought to be until you are what you ought …

climate change, diversity, Impact Investing, inclusion, leadership development, meaning, social impact, women
Bridget Brennan, PATH

A major objective of the new Sustainable Development Goals is to encourage a more integrated approach to addressing economic, social, and environmental challenges. Adopting sustainable food production that also improves health can mitigate crises like under-nutrition and create new sources of income that reduce the need for …

Africa, Asia, country context, design, economic development, environment, Food and Agriculture, global, health, Inclusive Entrepreneurship, innovation
Bridget Brennan, PATH

The world increasingly sees the importance of user-centric solutions that are demand-driven, relevant, and affordable. Today’s innovation ecosystem is diffuse, with smart ideas coming from every corner of the world. Empowered by digital platforms and new forms of financing, the opportunities for accelerating innovation—wherever it starts—have never …

Africa, Asia, Cities, country context, design, diversity, economic development, global, government, health, Impact Investing, Inclusive Entrepreneurship, innovation, inspiration, research, technology
Bridget Brennan, PATH

The impact of climate change is stressing arable land and water resources, which will increasingly impact food systems, particularly for the most vulnerable populations. We know it’s possible to respond effectively to these challenges by recognizing and drawing on the interconnected components of climate, agriculture, nutrition, health, …

Africa, Asia, country context, design, economic development, environment, Food and Agriculture, global, health, Inclusive Entrepreneurship, innovation, research, technology
Falko Paetzold, MIT Sloan School of Management

Wealth owner millennials grew up in a radically different world: the reality of climate change, wealth inequality, international travel, interconnectivity, omnipresent data availability, and failing institutions. As millenials, their families and the concept of impact meet, for the first time in history a movement forms wherein inherently …

100%, activism, catalytic philanthropy, Impact Investing, Millenials, Private wealth
Kate Danaher, RSF Social Finance

Social enterprises often require diverse sources of capital, such as equity investments, loans, gifts, or loan guarantees, to be able to scale while solving complex social and environmental issues. Veritable Vegetable, the nation’s oldest organic produce distributor, faced this exact challenge as they pursued expansion. Learn how …

entrepreneurship, financing, Impact Investing, integrated capital, social enterprise, sustainable food
Kate Danaher, RSF Social Finance

Are you an entrepreneur trying to build a company with values, integrity, and mission? Why does it matter how you capitalize your company (boot-strap, venture, debt, self-funded)? And why does it matter where that money comes from? Hear from successful social entrepreneur leaders on their financing experiences …

entrepreneurship, finance, Impact Investing, social enterprise, start-up
Sheila Warren, TechSoup

A collaborative discussion with practiced social enterprise leaders on the A to Z of scaling globally. Why are there so few truly global social enterprises? What are the hurdles that social enterprises face in scaling globally? How does one navigate the legal and cultural complexities beyond the …

country context, design-thinking, equivalency determination, finance, global, Impact Investing, law, legal, market, philanthropy, scaling, social enterprise, technology
Kate Danaher, RSF Social Finance

A postlude to the SOCAP15 panel, ‘Fair Trade: Funding Gaps and Opportunities in the Supply Chain.’ This panel follows up on the conversation RSF Social Finance hosted last year to explore the challenges and opportunities for building sustainable supply chains and how to capitalize them. The panel …

economic development, fair trade, food systems, global, Impact Investing, Latin America, Supply Chain
Ken Tsunoda, TechSoup | NGOsource

Non-profit social enterprises don’t have the wide array of funding options that for-profit firms have. What are the growth capital options for social enterprises? What are the impacts of these options? What are the social enterprise financing trends today? This panel will discuss the different options and …

capital, finance, Impact Investing, philanthropy, social enterprise, technology
Jim Chu, dloHaiti

Better serving “Bottom of the Pyramid” (BoP) consumer — those living on less than $5/day — is a the holy grail among many social entrepreneurs and multinational corporations because it offers opportunities for healthy financial returns as well as positive social impact. However, many hurdles stand in …

base of the pyramid, emerging markets, Impact Investing, Inclusive Entrepreneurship, social enterprise

Viola Dessanti, Ontario Trillium Foundation

OTF is Canada’s largest grant-making Foundation: in the next 10 years we will invest $1 billion public funds in Ontario communities. Help us think through how we best measure the impact that investments in social entrepreneurship across the province. How does social entrepreneurship contribute to strong communities? …

impact; measurement; learning; public agency; government; Canada; ontario;
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