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Anna Kanze, Grassroots Capital Management Corp PBC

Recent IPOs of Indian microlenders Equitas Holdings Ltd and Ujjivan Financial Services were very successful, demonstrating the maturation of the financial inclusion sectors in India and that impact investors can achieve both their social and financial return targets. These IPOs bring new visibility to the financial inclusion …

Blended Finance; Impact Investing; India; women; poverty; private equity; venture capital; emerging markets
Vivienne Hsu, LENDonate

In a world of big data, crowdfunding, and other innovations, these women executives will share their perspectives on how they each question the status quo, to map out a new social capital ecosystem.

Collaboration, finance, Impact Investing, social enterprise, Social innovation, Sustainability Measurement, women
Mike MacHarg, Mercy Corps - Social Ventures

Some social entrepreneurs want to increase the reach of their innovations or expand their impact without building up their own organizations. Alternative pathways to scaling up include advocacy, building delivery networks, strategic partnerships (including with governments) and more. Some enterprises have executed these approaches and more need …

innovation, scaling, social impact
Mike MacHarg, Mercy Corps - Social Ventures

Many investors haven’t been in the entrepreneurial trenches and most entrepreneurs – especially social entrepreneurs – haven’t been in a position to invest capital. Without this shared experience, social entrepreneurs and impact investors often have information asymmetries, lack of understanding of each other’s constraints and operating environments, …

entrepreneurs, Impact Investing, insights
Anna Kanze, Grassroots Capital Management Corp PBC

According to a recently released GIIN study of 156 impact investors, impact investing assets reached USD 77.4 billion in 2015. Impact investors are increasingly looking at their investment portfolios as one of the more powerful instruments at their disposal to engage with major challenges facing those at …

Blended Finance; Impact Investing; India; women; sustainable agriculture; technology; climate change; poverty; SME; Bottom of the Pyramid; BOP; health
Emily Borst, Eniware, LLC

Creative hubs, collaborative workspaces, and so-called innovation incubators have popped up in great numbers in the United States over the past several years. Many top companies have made their offices more collaborative and open, many universities have built specific innovation labs, and designated design spaces have emerged …

Collaboration, creativity, design spaces, freelancers, innovation, innovation lab, problem solving, start ups
Myra Donnelley, Eniware, LLC

Right now, in sub-Saharan population growth is rapidly outstripping infrastructure development. Healthcare need is growing exponentially faster than care delivery systems, stymieing economic growth. Trying to implement a US or EU model of healthcare delivery to meet urgent demand in these conditions is a zero sum game. …

Africa, design-thinking, economic growth, game theory, hackathon, healthcare, infrastructure, population
Edward Cable, Mifos Initiative

Financial Inclusion works, when available, but there are still 2 billion people excluded from the financial system. Costs are too high; access too hard; and innovation too slow. We need a new way forward and this is Financial Inclusion 2.0 – the fast, low cost, mobile delivery …

cloud, Digital Financial Services, entrepreneurship, finance, Financial Inclusion, innovation, microfinance, mobile money
Evonne Heyning, EVO

How can we improve cross-sector collaboration for open sharing of impact data? What open data and shared resource business models allow impact ventures to flourish? If you share your data openly how do you build a profitable business model? How can we shift business models to grow …

business models, ecosystem, environment, impact investment, Interoperability, Open Data, platform, Social Impact Measurment
Oscar Jofre, KoreConx Inc

The discussion begins at ground level – with the how, what, when, why and where of equity crowdfunding, and proceeds to look at the industry from 10,000 feet up, focusing on why it’s disruptive, and what the potential economic and financial impacts of this innovation are, and …

equity crowdfunding, Fintech, global alternative finance
Emily Tucker, TaroWorks

Learn how 3 female entrepreneurs are leading their social enterprises through the teenage years, charting a path to sustainability and handling challenges around fund raising, scaling, replication during this period.

social enterprise; social entrepreneurship; women; scaling; leadership; inclusive entrepreneurship
Deb Nelson, RSF Social Finance

The case for investing in women has never been stronger, and the need has never been greater. Learn from pioneering women investors and leaders about why gender lens investing is growing, how it will affect everyone, and what you can do to get involved.

diversity, Impact Investing, Inclusive Entrepreneurship, innovation, leadership development, philanthropy, women
Lin Lu, WaterSHED

How do we as investors, donors and entrepreneurs jumpstart markets that work to deliver social good? For true sustainability, we believe in a hands-off framework for building inclusive markets, practicing in-depth analysis and adjusting the margins of broader socioeconomic forces — like building civic leadership and inclusive …

ecosystem, emerging markets, Impact Investing, inclusive markets, Supply Chain, Sustainable Development Goals, sustainable water and sanitation
Jessica Pliska, The Opportunity Network

Success in life is about making connections to others and making connections for others. Working as a corporate executive and feeling unfulfilled, I started to think about how access to information and skill building for our underresourced young people isn’t enough. Without access to influential networks of …

diversity, Inclusive Entrepreneurship, inspiration, leadership, social entrepreneurship
Emilie McGlone, Peace Boat US

Peace Boat is an NGO run on a social business model that combines education, business, advocacy, and global travel for sustainability. This session showcases our Ecoship Project to build the world’s most sustainable passenger ship. Building on our over 30-years of social business and 90 around the …

biophilic, clean energy, climate impact, design, eco-tourism, ecology, ecoship, education, green technology, renewables, sdgs, Social innovation, solar, Sustainability, wind
Perry Teicher, Orrick, Herrington & Sutcliffe LLP

Establishing the appropriate structure to align the intended risk-return profile with social and environmental considerations is complicated. This panel will learn from the experience of three distinct impact investors, discussing strategies and challenges to setting-up and managing a diverse range of impact investment vehicles. For example, the …

debt funds, emerging markets, fund management, Impact Investing, investment, law, legal, nitty-gritty, under the hood, venture capital
Tracey Austin, Palladium

The objectives of actors across the impact investing value-chain are often divergent. New-types of impact intermediaries are arising, focused on addressing the ‘gap’ between early-stage capital (grant funding) and later-stage commercial investment. The discussion aims to build a better understanding and challenge (mis)perceptions, by; • Thinking of …

Giulia Tavolato, Reach for Change

The number of social entrepreneurs tackling problems across Africa is increasing with many innovative solutions and strong entrepreneurs rising to the challenge. This panel will provide a practitioner’s perspective in an interactive Panel session with incubators, hubs, social entrepreneurs and global non-profits who will highlight some of …

Africa, Collaboration, impact measurement, innovation, investment, scaling, Social innovation
Linzi Fidelin, Sphaera

An interactive session where participants explore what is proven to be already working to create urban resilience, and how this can help address new challenges, and new places. Rockefeller Foundation, Mercy Corps and Skoll Foundation among others are early adopters of the pioneering ‘Solutioning’ approach that participants …

Cities, Collaboration, Communities, ecosystem, solutions, Urban Resilience
Randi Fiat, The Carbon Underground

Can we help reverse climate change by changing the fundamentals of the world’s largest industry? The data says we can, simply by changing the way we grow the food that feeds the world. The Carbon Underground is piloting a new initiative called The Food-Climate Development Exchange (FCDE) …

climate change, economics, impact investment, Impact Measurements, Regenerative Food, Supply Chain, sustainable agriculture
David Paull, Compostwheels, LLC

The word “viral” has become a part of the startup vernacular with everyone hoping their idea will go viral or they hope to experience viral growth. However, do not misinterpret the use of it here. We are not talking about millions of views, users, or transactions. We …

content, design-thinking, growth., Marketing, scaling, social enterprise, social entrepreneurship, Social venture, value
Cat Berman, CNote

Impact investing has largely been reserved for accredited investors – up until now. With recent legislation empowering unaccredited investors (individuals making less than $200K/year), will younger generations tap into the impact investing world? What are key challenges and opportunities to unleash new capital and who are the …
Jessica vanThiel, PATHFINDER-Sustainable Development Solutions

Is more money being diverted to socially driven businesses? Are people catching on to the benefits of investing for social impact alongside financial gain? Are financiers looking into the feasibility of creative new models? These are all essential questions social entrepreneurs, in particular startup socents, should be …

Clean Money Revolution, Imapact Investing, socent, social entrepreneurs, social impact, startups
Adam Spence, MaRS Discovery District

Join us as some of North America’s top impact ventures pitch to leading investors at SOCAP16. Ten high-growth, world-changing impact ventures in health, cleantech and social technology from the SVX network in Canada, the United States, and Mexico will deliver their best 90 second elevator pitch to …

equity, Growth Stage, Impact Investing, Investing, Pitch, social enterprise, Social venture
Sara Olsen, Social Value US

Investment advisors, certification bodies, CSR/foundation professionals and charity raters share an analytic problem: what constitutes good impact information? The answer points to an emerging profession: skilled impact analysts. This panel will articulate the WHO, WHAT and HOW of this profession by: mapping the players, articulating why they …

accounting, impact investment, impact management, impact measurement, Metrics, professional, ratings, standards
51 - 75 of 249 ideas (page 3 of 10)

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