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Greg Hemmings, Hemmings House Pictures

We are experiencing the most significant culture shift of our time in 2016. The Millennial Generation now out populates all other generations in the workforce. The values that this generation demands are changing the way we market, the way we buy and the way we lead. The …

american dream, B corp, beer, community, documentary, higher education, investment, local, Millennials, organic, Sustainability, triple bottom line
Jay Potter, GreenCoreCapital/Noble Environmental Technologies

A collaborative discussion with seasoned impact investors and chief executives on making impact investments in public and private companies, as well as the role of impact investors in accelerating both business growth and environmental benefit.

#impactinvestments #sustainability #clean
Morgan Simon, Pi Investments

What does a “100% for justice” approach to impact investment look like? Leading with impact as an approach supports the necessary innovation and infrastructure to transition the global economy to one that is sustainable, generative and just. Get inspired and see how it’s possible to keep a …

100%, Impact Investing, Social Justice, structural change
Mubarak Lawrence, Rising Community Enterprises LLC,

The purpose of this workshop is to get the participants thinking about innovative ways to make their work less demanding and more collaborative. The reason most people don’t see returns on their investment are because of the over saturation of the market and the less attention paid …

Collaborative Community, innovation, Shared Economics
Stephanie Marienau Turpin, Pact

Many are now recognizing that impact enterprises addressing the most intractable social problems, particularly in emerging markets, benefit from donations, grants or subsidized loans in the early stages of their development, as they seek to create new business models in underdeveloped markets that build impact into the …

Blended Finance, Impact Investing, NGO, philanthropy, social enterprise
Jaki Bradley, The Opportunity Lab

We all exist in networks full of unseen resources. Leverage Your Network is designed to help you identify those resources and realize that no matter what goal you are trying to accomplish, you already have the necessary tools to accomplish it. In this workshop, you will imagine …

Collaboration, community, leadership development, Social innovation
C'pher Gresham, SEED SPOT

This panel will discuss the best techniques employed by three leading entrepreneurial support organizations to collect impact data on the work they do and the work companies they work with do. How do you effectively track data in hard to reach populations? How do you incentivize data …

data, tracking
Michelle Walker, Walker Philanthropic Consulting

The session will present original and novel research into the strategic management of intellectual property by social entrepreneurs and the implications for impact, scaling, collaboration, networks, and investment/funding.

Collaboration, fundraising, Impact, Impact Investing, intellectual property, network, scaling, social entrepreneurs, Social innovation
Courtney Miller, U.S. Agency for International Development

AgTech startups and innovators in emerging markets have taken off in recent years and are scaling up to reach a billion smallholder farmers globally. Securing Water for Food: A Grand Challenge for Development has identified game-changing solutions that will increase water availability and/or promote efficient use of …

agriculture, Emerging Economy, entrepreneurship, Sustainability, water
Courtney Miller, U.S. Agency for International Development

With the proliferation of solar and advancement in technology see a collection of leaders in the field of why off-grid and solar are the best scalable investments in development. Solar and off-grid entrepreneurs gather to explore opportunities and barriers.

clean energy, energy, entrepreneurship, international development, off grid, scaling, solar
Courtney Miller, U.S. Agency for International Development

Go behind the scenes of selecting which development innovations to fund and what the elements of a good proposal are. Are there “magic words”? Why do some innovators seem to be “darlings” and some can’t get a dime? Learn how donors, investors, and funders are collecting “business …

Donors, entrepreneurship, funding, Inclusive Entrepreneurship, international development, investment, nnovation, Social innovation
Megan Smith, Philadelphia Academies, Inc.

Education is a central factor in both individual and community economic stability. In order to address and break down the structural barriers inhibiting citizens and neighborhoods from achieving financial self-sufficiency, a drive for creative, innovative solutions for workforce preparation, skill building, credentialing and access to professional networks, …

community, Community Investment, education, Emerging Economy, innovation, Innovative Cities, Neighborhood Economics, Neighborhood Impact, Sustainability in Urban Centers, technology, workforce development
Kate Loose, Bridges Ventures

In this interactive session participants will get to hear from a diverse group of women sharing their stories of breaking into impact investing, navigating the VC world, finding mentors, and driving the future of investing for profit and purpose. The goal is for participants to walk away …

design, entrepreneurship, Impact Investing, Millennials, social enterprise, transformative finance, venture capital, women
Cheryl L. Conner, M.A., J.D., Cheryl Conner Consulting

Come experiment in the emergent field of Group Harmonics where Buckminster Fuller’s insights about the geometry of natural design, (Synergetics), meet: Hans Jenny’s experiments with the creative power of sound (Cymatics); Rudolph Steiner’s insights Come experiment in the emergent field where Buckminster Fuller’s insights about the geometry …

Collaboration, employee engagement, leadership, meaning, science of sound
Mark Straub, Khosla Impact

Over the past 5 years across the African continent, tech hubs, donor dollars and accelerators have started giving way to Angel Investors, Seed Funds, and Entrepreneurial Ecosystems. As the cost of connectivity fell and mobile adoption neared 90%, “Silicon Savannah” was hyped as the next big thing …

Africa, Frontier Markets, Impact, Internet, investment, mobile, startup, Tech
Nina Maystrovich, Co-Created Risk

Teams collaborate and innovate in a constantly changing world with entrenched interests and conflicting ideas, organizational politics and complex power dynamics. Some teams succeed at it while others fail. How do the successful teams do that? How do they become productive collaborators transcending the boundaries? How do …

capacity building, Collaboration, curiosity, disciplinary empathy, global awareness, inclusion, leadership, purpose-driven, reciprocity, responsibility, skill building, social entrepreneurship, Social innovation, teams, trust
Nina Maystrovich, Co-Created Risk

It seem to me, the more we look at risk as a fear inducing, one-sided and problematic element the more we restrict the potential of socially beneficial returns. Could we improve our chances of creating positive social change if we were to look at risk as something …

beneficail returns, credit risk, finance, Impact Investing, Risk, social impact
Jeff Woodward, Taylor English Duma

While use of solar as an alternative energy source for commercial use is growing, it has been difficult to fund with traditional sources of capital. This panel will explore creative use of tax credits and other incentives to help dramatically reduce the cost of solar installations, and …

Blended Finance, energy, environment, Impact Investing, solar
Justin Graves, HESONWHEELS

Practicing everyday inclusion immediately opens us up to valuable opportunities for social connection. Solutions to our biggest problems or the gateway to the most valuable connection could be the result of one meaningful conversation that was the result of establishing a goal like meeting 1 new person …

connection, diversity, equity, Impact, inclusion, inclusive, innovation, inspiration, interactive, keynote, leadership, Millennials, social, social impact, Social innovation
Jeff Woodward, Taylor English Duma

Program Related Investments have been around for a long time, but recently coming into vogue with among foundations and family offices seeking to find co-investors in impact investments. Recent regulations have again opened the door for private sector impact investors to add venture philanthropy as a credible …

Blended Finance, Impact Investing, social entrepreneurship, venture capital
Eutiquio "Tiq" Chapa, Stanford Latino Entrepreneurship Initiative

We have an opportunity to invest in globally connected, young, entrepreneurial talent today! There are nearly ~60m Latin@’s in the US with over 4.1 million Latin@ led businesses. There is a $1.4 trillion economic opportunity as we move our Latino business owners to be on par with …

Business Owners, diversity, Founders, investment, Latino, Millennials, Opportunity Gap, private equity, venture capital
Kristin Hull, Nia Global Solutions

Impact Investing offers us a great opportunity to invest for the world we want to see, and yet many venture start up founders and the angel and VC investors that fund them are white men. This panel will cover the research on when and why diversity in …

diversity, gender lens
Susan Hammel, Minnesota Council on Foundations

Impact Investing has the power to change the tradition power dynamic from the old notion of charity and benevolence to a new relationship based on mutual respect and success. To create pathways to sustainability and prosperity in emerging communities of color, harnessing the power of private capital …,,,
Kristin Hull, Nia Global Solutions

This session will be a structured as an introduction–with an open discussion among diverse panelists of what it means to find an impact investing deal, and how to see it through from an idea to an action to part of one’s portfolio and beyond. Christie, Joel, Kesha …

doing deals
Alexander Rozenfeld, Climate Impact Capital

Climate Change related investing has been the ignored step-child of the Venture Capital world, and funding for longer term technology based companies still falls short of what is needed to make the needed societal impact in the next decades. This will be an interactive session where top …

climate change, Energy-Food-Water Nexus, Impact Investing, renewable energy
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