Kevin Jones Lindsay Smalling
Co-Founder & Convener, SOCAP Producer and Curator, SOCAP
Co-Founder, Good Capital
Kevin Jones creates information businesses inside emerging markets. He believes that markets emerge in conversation, as people try to explain and understand value. But this market is not like others he’s been in, and that’s what makes it more interesting and more important. Kevin is also founder of Good Capital, a venture capital firm that invests in social enterprises. His latest GoodCap incubated project can be found at The Good Cap portfolio companies where he leads engagement are: and Lindsay curates all content for SOCAP, and also oversees production, marketing, and business development. Over the last four years, Lindsay has worked on the SOCAP Conference as Entrepreneur Coordinator (2012), Program Manager for the Oceans track (2013) Senior Content Associate (2014), and Director of Programming (2015). Lindsay was previously Strategic Initiatives Officer at ImpactAssets where she was focused on building knowledge resources that advance the field of impact investing, such as Issue Briefs and the annual ImpactAssets 50. Lindsay is a graduate of Columbia Business School and Pomona College.

Rosa Lee Harden Timothy Freundlich
Co-Founder & Executive Producer, SOCAP
Chairman, Board of Directors and Co-Founder Mission Hub, LLC
Board Director, Mission Hub LLC President and Co-founder, ImpactAssets and Good Capital
Rosa Lee is the Executive Producer of SOCAP16 and has been a producer throughout the growth of the conference from 600 people in 2008 to more than 2,700 in 2015. She is a successful serial entrepreneur and for 25 years was an owner and publisher of newspapers, magazines, and trade journals, accomplishing turnarounds and launching successful startups that became the top publications in their markets. In 1996 she left the business world to become an Episcopal priest serving Holy Innocents in San Francisco for nearly 13 years. Having one foot in the faith world and one foot in entrepreneurship has been a great place from which to grow the conference at the intersection of money and meaning. Tim is an innovator of financial instruments for impact investing and social entrepreneurship. Over the last 18 years, he served in a number of capacities at Calvert Foundation, and conceived of and launched the Giving Fund – a more than $300 million impact investment-based donor advised fund that was spun out from Calvert Foundation as ImpactAssets, where he serves as President. He also co-founded Good Capital, which manages the Social Enterprise Expansion Fund LP, and helped to found the SOCAP conference and Impact Hub locations in San Francisco, Berkeley, New York City, and Washington DC.


 Jamie McGonnigal Liz Maxwell
Director of Business Development Product Manager, SOCAP 365
Jamie joined SOCAP and Mission Hub in 2015 following four years as Community Director at the New Organizing Institute and Director of RootsCamp, the nation’s largest progressive “unconference.” Prior to that, Jamie produced more than 200 Broadway concerts and events, benefiting organizations such as The Matthew Shepard Foundation, National AIDS Fund, United Nations Association and Broadway Cares/Equity Fights AIDS. In 2007, in his free time, Jamie was a cartoon voice actor for Pokémon, Yu-Gi-Oh! and several other animated features. He lives in DC with his husband, Sean, and dog, Eli. Liz joins the SOCAP team after running the events and programming at Impact Hub NYC, including the pilot Impact Bazaar, a new model for connecting social innovators and local impact ecosystems. Previously, Liz consulted and emceed with The Feast, built partnerships and organized national actions for the non-governmental U.S. Department of Arts and Culture, and ran an international artist residency program in Italy, designed to revitalize underused historic spaces via international cultural development: Art Monastery Project. Originally from New Orleans, Liz now lives in NYC and can be most frequently found somewhere between progressive convenings and daytime dance parties.


Fabienne Blanc Diana Connolly
Registrar Production Manager
Fabienne, a native of France, was raised by parents who were enthusiastic early adopters of organic gardening. She ate fantastic fresh food throughout her childhood, and to this day strives to re-create those wonderful tastes for her friends and family. After studying law in France, she moved to San Francisco to join her husband and raise her children. She has been the SOCAP Registrar since 2011. Diana brings more than 15 years of creativity and experience in managing large-scale events and programs to SOCAP16 and has led production for SOCAP15, SOCAP Health, Share, SOCAP14 and SOCAP13. Diana has an MBA in Sustainable Enterprise, and combines a passion for producing events with a social mission with the expertise to manage them in an environmentally responsible way. Diana is also the founder of Groundswell Marketing.

Justin Belleme  
Marketing Manager
Justin leads the SOCAP16 marketing team with over a decade of experience in Internet marketing and event promotion. He is the Founder and Director of Strategy at JB Media Group, an online marketing agency based in Asheville, NC and a lead instructor for the JB Media Institute. An organizer of Start-up Weekend and 1 Million Cups in Asheville, Justin is committed to supporting the start-up community and passionate about social entrepreneurship.