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360 Impact: How Next Gen Private Wealth Owners Drive Change with All They’ve Got

Falko Paetzold, MIT Sloan School of Management

Wealth owner millennials grew up in a radically different world: the reality of climate change, wealth inequality, international travel, interconnectivity, omnipresent data availability, and failing institutions. As millenials, their families and the concept of impact meet, for the first time in history a movement forms wherein inherently especially powerful members of society join forces to strategically deploy their assets for good. Far beyond "just" philanthropy and CSR, they carefully navigate the full spectrum from social entrepreneurship to catalytic philanthropy, impact investing and activism. Together with millenial wealth owners we will workshop this “360 impact spectrum” and outline where this leads us as mangers, investors and society.
100%, activism, catalytic philanthropy, Impact Investing, Millenials, Private wealth
Interactive Workshop
Dr. Falko Paetzold; Initiative for Responsible Investment at Harvard University and Sustainability Initiative at MIT Sloan (USA/Switzerland) Antonis Schwarz; Next Gen investor, activist & social entrepreneur (Greece/Germany) Fernando Scodro; Next Gen investor, Vice President of Young Investors Organisation YIO (Brasil) Dr. James Gifford; Initiative for Responsible Investment at Harvard University and Tau Investment (USA/Australia)
Sam Bonsey; COO, The ImPact (USA) Antonio Moraes; Co-Founder, Vox Capital (Brasil)
Johnson Center for Philanthropy/ 21/64. (2013). NextGen Donors - Respecting Legacy, Revolutionizing Philanthropy. Morgan Stanley/Campden Wealth. (2014). Next Generation Wealth - Defining A New Direction. OppenheimerFunds/Campden Wealth. (2015). Proving Worth - The Values of Affluent Millennials in North America. Paetzold, F., Busch, T. (2014). Unleashing the Powerful Few: Sustainable Investing Behaviour of Wealthy Private Investors. Organization & Environment, 27(4), pp. 347–367. Paetzold, F., Busch, T., Chesney, M. (2015). More than Money: Exploring the Role of Investment Advisors for Sustainable Investing. Annals in Social Responsibility, 1(1), pp. 194–222.

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