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Organizational Biomimicry: Learning from nature to design a self-managed workplace

Jolene Goldsmith, stok

Employers are struggling to attract, engage, and retain a productive workforce. This is partly due to traditional hierarchical organizational models that stifle creativity & innovation and fail to tap into the intrinsic motivators of today’s workforce. stok began to see attrition, disengagement, and distrust in their team members, so they developed a new organizational model that addresses these issues the way nature would. This panel will guide you through the process of designing a new organizational model (“Organizational Biomimicry”) that removes hierarchy and expedites decision making. By implementing peer-to-peer feedback mechanisms, making salaries transparent, and removing bosses to become self-managed, companies can tap into their team members' intrinsic motivation and desire to do what's right. The panel will include lessons learned and steps you can take to create a hyper efficient system of self-regulated peers through a purpose-aligned culture and structured autonomy.
Collaboration, employee engagement, inclusion, innovation, Millennials, organizational design, Social innovation
Matt Macko - stok Jolene Goldsmith - stok

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